• Test pressure: 5 bar and up
  • Leak rate: 1 to 5 cc/min
  • Blockage test required
  • Typical test time < 15 seconds

In the fast pace of automotive manufacturing where quality is everything, manufacturers of fuel lines need a method of testing for leaks and blockages that is quick, simple and reliable. When you combine this with easy product selection, comprehensive data sets for each test and the ability to link those to a barcode, you are talking about a Furness Controls leak tester.

Fuel Line Testing 

Manufacturers trust Furness Controls to provide a range of solutions to suit their needs, from the fully comprehensive to the most economical giving our customer confidence in their processes along with our expertise the backup they rely on. The methods we employ combine air pressure of flow to check for blockage and pressure decay to test for leaks. We can accommodate pressure from high vacuum to 30 Bar within a single instrument. For the best advice and more information contact our sales team today.